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Balancing Speed and Security: Embracing DevSecOps for Better Software Development

Discover why current DevOps practices are susceptible to security issues and how adopting security at every step through DevSecOps can achieve a harmonious balance between speed and security
6 minute read


Enhancing DevOps: Unlocking Performance Optimization

Discover the transformative power of real-time performance optimization in DevOps. Explore its role in streamlining the CI/CD pipeline, enhancing customer experience, achieving cost savings, and ensuring system stability. Unleash the potential of DevOps teams in today's dynamic technological landscape.
4 minute read


Why Metabase is a good choice in open-source analytics space?

A beginner's guide on Metabase, its features and what kind of business requirements it can help meet. Also learn how it's compared with other open-source options like Tableau, Superset and Redash
3 minute read


The Ultimate Guide to the Best Open Source Tools for Startups in 2023

Open source software is a great way for startups to save money and get access to powerful tools that can help them grow their business. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best open source tools for startups in 2023. We will cover a variety of categories, including project management, development, marketing, and more.
7 minute read


Introducing SuperDev, a no-code DevOps platform

SuperDev's no-code DevOps platform automates tedious tasks, provides smart scaling, and ensures 99.95% uptime. It simplifies cloud infrastructure management and enables teams to focus on delivering valuable code. Learn more in this blog post.
3 minute read